A traditional event, gift art and more!

Yay, it's Friday...again! My goodness it's really distressing how time passes so quickly. Less then a month left in Tokyo, how sad it's going going and soon gone! Luckily there's birthdays, Halloween, travel and Christmas coming. Still I wish I was having more fun here.

I've had a lot of fun and interesting experiences in Japan during these past 8 trips, sometimes I have some random luck and come across things I didn't expect to. Like interesting shops, amazingly dresses people or even events. The main part of this post is about some event I came across one day in Shinjuku.

I found this group of preformers!

Actually I was just passing through Shinjuku that day, on the way to Shinokubo to buy my Japanese cellphone (which now languishes as I use my Andriod XD). Anyhow right on the street in front of Alta they were running a street performance/event.

With drums and swords, must be exciting

The crowd is waiting, perhaps someone can read the sign 2010 Shinjuku something matsuri? and tell everyone what the event's name is?

These performers were posing for the camera, and I didn't wait around in the big crowds to see what they were going to to. So I can't tell you if they sang, dances, had a mock-battle etc. But their costumes were really neat and a lot of people were there so it probably was quite interesting!

Tourists and staff taking photos

On a different note I want to share another super lovely gift fan art I received recently! It's so adorable and I feel so touched/honored that I could receive a sweet gift like this when I'm feeling a bit blue!

Jace Roxanne made me this very cute drawing, and she made me so princess-y! I wish I could be so girly and cute in real life! Thank you Jace Roxanne, the pink and diamonds in the background are so accurate XD

And if you have some time why not check out Bijin Blair's latest giveaway! (She is always having great giveaways) This giveaway is of particular interest if you are not so well-endowed like me, cream to make your chest bigger. I'm really curious about it so enter and tell me if it works haha!
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