Disneyland 2011 trip pt.2 - Disneyland & World of Color

Hi there again, I wanted to blog earlier but I didn't have these photos prepared, so after I got back from the gym I got to editing. I have so many Disney photos to post (after this trip, I went to Disneysea twice, and Disney world again...haha!) I hope everyone will like Disney cuteness as I do XD Tomorrow I will post a review so I will break it up a bit atleast!

In the previous post I wrote about what we did in the morning during our first day at Disneyland, so today I will finish out the rest of that day plus talk about World of Color; the night time spectacle held at Disney's California Adventure.

After we had gone on the "it's a small world" ride we got into the line for the "Princess Fantasy Faire". Which is just a character meeting point, so you can meet 3 princesses and get their autographs/photos with them. Now I really don't recommend this, even if you got little kids with you. It took like 2 hours of waiting, and when I met the princesses during the "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" it took like 20 minutes.

Anyhow after getting out energy drained in that line, we jumped on "Mister Toad's Wild Ride". It's a rather old ride and has been removed from Disney World, so we didn't want to miss the chance to see it one last time. Then we headed to the other side of the park, and since Disney Land is small it was an easy walk.

Mister Toad's Wild Ride, inside

Is this a place to meet Aladdin??

This was a pirate band, the guy in the front was really creepin' on me :/

We went on our favorite rides, such as Pirates of the Caribbean (maybe that's not my fave but I've been on it a million times haha) and the Haunted Mansion. The weekend we were there they were screening the new Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie. Johnny Deep and some other actors were going to walk through the park before the showing. They were putting up a huge screen, and people ended up waiting over 8 hours just to see Johnny Depp walk by haha!

Screen for the Pirates of the Caribbean screening

The Haunted Mansion

I got to meet Pooh, so cute *3*

We went on a few more rides at Disneyland, but decided to leave that park early so we could see "World of Color" at Disney's California Adventure. It was the only night they were showing it while we were there. It was nice to take a break at our hotel on-site a bit before lining up again haha.

Saw Alice and the Mad Hatter on the street

You have to take this shot at Disney parks haha!

And a barber shop quartet! (All those strollers and Larks make the American parks difficult to walk in)

World of Color is a water show, involving huge fountains of water, fireworks and fire. There are also animations displayed on the water all set to music. You can get into the reserved viewing area if you get a ticket early from your hotel, otherwise you have to stand off to the sides and you can't really see the animations at all :/ That's what happened to us, but here's a couple nice shots haha.

Mickey's ferris wheel in California Adventure

The World of Color show

You can see a bit of the fireworks in this pic

Thanks for putting up with my Disney photos again, it really is a good memory for me so I like to share them. And thank you also to the new followers since yesterday, it really means alot to me that people are still supporting Moments like Diamonds #TT#
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