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Hi there! Ok, now these photos are shy of being 1 year old by just 2 months... I can't believe how quickly this year passed, why?! I thought things were just going to be more exciting, but since summer things have been doing just the opposite (what a disappointment). Looking back on these photos it really made me miss all the traveling I used to do!

This was the first time I had visited Disneyland in California, though I had been to Disney World 3 times and Tokyo Disneyland a handful of times already. I guess once you've been to other Disney parks, it doesn't feel like a priority to go across the country to see another. Luckily my mom went to CA on business and I could tag along so we could see Disneyland finally.

A lovely display outside of our hotel

We even had the monorail car to ourselves *o*

This was the first time we stay in an on-site Disney hotel however, which was a really cool and fun experience. I will share some pics of the hotel in the last post of this multi-part post.

One of the best things about staying on-site was the early entrance perk, we were able to go into the park an hour early. The monorail into Disneyland was fun as it snaked through the park offering great views.

A view from the monorail

The Matterhorn was one of the rides we got on before the park opened

Just some neat giant granite globe in Tomorrowland

If you get the chance to enter a Disney park early, make sure to get on the rides which normally have long rides right away. You can probably fit up to 4 rides in that hour, like on Space Mountain we literally just walked on with 0 wait. In fact it was rather annoying having to run through all that long line walkway haha.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

There are pretty things inside the castle XD

At the Snow White ride

We headed towards Sleeping Beauty's Castle as the main gates opened so it was fun watching all the people running towards us (into the park). But I was SO surprised by how tiny Sleeping Beauty's Castle is, it's not even comparable to Cinderella's Castle in Disneyworld in scale. It's more like a fancy house in size haha. But it has a really cool display inside.

The Mad Tea Party

Inside the Alice in Wonderland ride

The line to get into "it's a small world"

After that we went on some rides in Fantasyland, like Snow White's ride and then one of my favorites - the Mad Tea Party tea cups. I always spin it like psycho and make my mom dizzy, but I am starting to feel my age as last time I did that I got quite dizzy too TT Then we went on the Alice in Wonderland ride, which is a bit phoned it (especially at the end). But I had never been on it before!


Simba and Pumba from the Lion King

Lilo and Stitch

And I will finish this post with some pics from the "it's a small world" ride. I like the one at Disneyland best out of all of them because they added signature Disney characters to all the lands, it's fun spotting them. But not so fun waiting in line outside!!

Next post I will finish up the rest of this first day, as well as World of Color.
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