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Hello everyone who is still there! I don't think it's appropriate to mention my lack of posts, motivation, fashion etc again. Saying things over and over without doing anything to fix them is really a pointless endeavor, and something I do so often irl that annoys people. All I can say, is I am here and posting now, and hopefully you will enjoy it.

I am starting a "series" for posts that contain many photos but not much information or a writeup to go with it. I think it will be better for organization, and there will be a new tag for this series. I honestly don't see myself doing fashion related posts for quite some time (physically I just can't do it, and I have moved onto other hobbies recently). Though I will still do some beauty posts.

So I've decided just focus on Japan and travel posts (perhaps daily life too, if I do anything of interest). There are lots of great fashion blogs, and girls who explain/do gal fashion better than me. But atleast with Japan/Travel I may be able to offer a unique viewpoint.

This small storage of construction equipment is quite near my friend's apartment, I wonder why XD

Today I would like to share some more photos from around Ichinoe, the town in Tokyo which I have stayed in for the last 4 trips. If I return to Japan, it will be where I stay again. As such, it gives me a chance to really explore this one spot and see interesting small points and details.

This soba shop is just hanging out among regular residences

A beautiful home (and garden), they must have money haha

Ichinoe is not a larger city in Tokyo, like all those touristy places one thinks of, it's not an upscale residential area. It's part of Edogawa-ku, which has the highest population of children versus the other wards, so it's quite a familial sort of suburb.

Ok how can I not say something funny about this? Goku doing his power up on a drink can with the name "Power Squash"?? I wonder if it tastes like a gourd and makes you go Super Saiyan XDD

I often see playgrounds placed under bridges and overhead passes (a bit depressing honestly) This rainbow slide is quite cute except for the creepy man in the cloud...

This older lady was cleaning the street around her home, or maybe picking up fruit from that tree?

A foundation for a new house is going up, it's so interesting how it's being built to snake around the existing houses

Here is the Sky Tree off in the distance, visible from everywhere haha!

As I look over these photos I wonder if I will return. For all my teen years it had always been a given in my mind I would spend my early adult life in Tokyo. But now I've had chances to experience it, that is not such a given. What can I gain from living in Tokyo, that can't be gained from my extended length travels?

Seeing this advert in the summer time made me a bit desperate haha!

I found a nail and eyelash salon nearby too, I wonder what their work is like!

Actually I think I was able to capture some interesting things in this Photo Post, especially the foundation of the new house. I imagine there is a family living comfortably there now!

The hobbies I'm into lately are really tied to the US (even in regards to fashion I can get things I like here). How would I handle living as an outsider always, or having quite limited job opportunities? Perhaps there will be a pandemic this year and I won't have to worry about the future haha

I didn't mean to get all thoughtful like that, but just seeing these sorts of photos makes me want to talk abut my problems. Well I'm gonna get some Disney photos going ASAP XD
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