A pup in a raincoat and other pics!

Good evening again! I think I'm doing pretty well just posting every other day now, perhaps soon I can upgrade to everyday again haha. I still don't have many ideas, but after I get some chores done this weekend I can work on brain storming and editing photos. Does anyone else find editing photos to be the least fun part of blogging? XDD

Today's post is nothing earth shattering in greatness, but I'm hoping it will just be something enjoyable to look at for a bit. I'm going to post up the rest of the photos I took in Den-en-chofu that didn't fit with the grand houses. Though there is not much to do there, they have some nice parks.

But first, this dog!

It was raining that day, and his owner dressed him up to the nines in the finest rainwear and bonnet haha! I'm surprised there weren't matching booties too to keep his tootsies warm XD Naturally animals get wet when it rains, but I suppose its nice for the dog not to get cold. Plus no wet dog smell later!!

It was also nice to see a large dog, as most people have tiny designer dogs. I saw this pup while visiting a garden, so I will share the garden photos as well. It was very peaceful, but I'm sure lovelier in dry weather ^^/

I wonder what those pavers at the bottom are for?

What I found most intriguing about this particular garden park was the wild feeling of it. Though there was a design structure to it, it felt as it was just a natural forest in the middle of a residential area. Indeed, when inside the park you couldn't tell there were homes all around. It would be so nice to have a park like this by my house!

Since this post is a bit all over the place, lets make it a bit more random even. A main place to eat in Den-en-chofu is the McDonalds near the station, at the time they had Pokemon toys, so I snapped a pic!

I hope there's still some Pokemon fans out there! Honestly I didn't recognize these characters, but now they are showing the seasons with these characters here XD
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