Valentines sugar - Sweets Paradise cake buffet!

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's the sweetest day of the year, with super cute red and pink decorations! I know not everyone like Valentine's Day, but it is a great day if you remember it is meant to celebrate love *3*

Though of course we should treat our loved ones with courtesy and affection everyday, I think Valentine's Day is a good opportunity to go a bit out of the way to show your love. As I have said before, I don't see Valentine's limit to just romantic love, it includes platonic and familial love too! Why else would we give little cards to our classmates? haha!

But if you do happen to have a significant other today is a good date day haha, and why not have a date that's more unique than eating at a fancy restaurant or getting chocolates/roses?

Inside the Sweets Paradise Yokohama Vivre

In Japan Valentine's Day is basically just about ladies giving chocolate to all the men in their lives, friends, co-workers and boyfriend. But if you are a foreigner staying in Japan perhaps you want a more interesting experience, so I would recommend going to Sweets Paradise with your SO or friends XD

At the buffet line

Sweets Paradise is cake buffet! Which means for a flat price you can go and eat all the cake you possibly can within 70 minutes. The nice thing about Sweets Paradise is they have other food besides cake, such as ice cream and spaghetti, curry and salad for those who aren't total sweet tooths haha!

The food I chose!

Though the time limit may make you feel compelled to jam in as many sweets as possible in my experience you will get to the full point long before you reach 70 minutes. The cakes are all cut in small slice and are not very sugary so you can try many. And even if you don't need a plan for Valentine's Day it's a nice place to check out in Japan.

There are Sweets Paradise locations all over Tokyo (and Japan), including all the major areas like Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku etc. So check it out XD

Not everyone would like to go out and eat sweets so I came up with some other ideas for Valentine's dates/activities . . .
* Try something your partner likes to do but you don't (Hiking, arcades, paintball etc)
* Play a round of mini golf
* Hand make gifts for your loved ones
* Have a pizza party with your friends
* Go on a bike tour of your city
* Volunteer at an animal shelter, food shelve, nature park etc
* Get a make over at the department store and try fancy clothes on

Happy Valentine's Day!
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