Thank you for sticking by me

I didn't end up posting as much as I wanted last week but really it doesn't surprised me at all anymore. I can't stick to anything I say now, and I can't find motivation to do more than basically exist. It's not that I've given up my hopes or dreams for myself and this blog, its just I can't find my way to make those dreams become reality.

I do want to post more this week, which means I really need to edit some photos or finish the lens reviews I've had on the back burner for these past months. Luckily I have a chance to write a post like this, and express some of my feelings now because of the Gaijin Gyaru Awards.

Last year I was nominated four times, and though I lost to my betters, it was so lovely to be thought of by many in the community. These past 6 months I have just let myself go so much - my blog, coordinates, my body and even my health. I thought I'd be making alot of my life now, but I live like a bum.

Before I diverge too much, my point is, I have really fallen and I didn't expect anyone was still thinking about me but Moments like Diamonds was nominated in two of the blog categories. And really, I am just so humbled and appreciative that people are still thinking about MLD and consider it a place of interest/information.

Thank you so much for those who stick by me and MLD. While things are rough for me, just to know that you are still interested in my blog is more than I can ask for. As a thank you, I will really try to pull myself up and start making Moments like Diamonds more useful and fun. I hope we will make Moments like Diamonds better day by day.

I don't like to ask people to vote for me in competitions (etc.), I want people to vote for whatever they prefer best, but if you are interested in the Gaijin Gyaru Awards here is the voting page link. There are many lovely gals nominated again this year, as well as some new gals and categories. Please support your favorite western gals^^

And please remember even if I'm not posting or replying, I'm always thinking about the wonderful people and opportunities I've been luckily enough to experience due to Moments like Diamonds. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow^^
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