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Good evening friends, hi again! I am still rather low on post ideas as I can't start doing what I'd like to do with this blog, but I thought it's about time to officially finish writing about Japan Trip 7. Which happened over a year ago already! But now that this is the last post about that trip, it means I need to start editing Japan Trip 8 photos DX haha

I didn't do so much during JT7, because of the big gyaru meet I held and my Grandpa's passing, and the last thing I did apparently was to visit the Cat Cafe Nekorobi again. I introduced Nekorobi, located in Ikebukuro, in this previous post!

In that past post I talked about the payment structure and appearance of the cafe itself, so this time I will just spam some cuteness.

A cute white curious in a treat or toy

My what big eyes you have! And such fluffy fur XD

What I have observed in visiting several Cat Cafes, is the cats tend to be rather sleepy and aloof. But that's really just natural for cats haha. I have been to one cafe with a couple defensive cats, but in Nekorobi the cats are all very tolerant of the attention.

This shot came out rather well luckily

Hanging out at the cash register

Half way through this visit to Cat Cafe Nekorobi they turned the light low, I guess to give the cats a chance to wind down and relax. Perhaps to get ready for sleeping? It was very interesting to experience something I've done already in a new way, and was relaxing for the customers as well!

A kitty kneading a seal pillow, getting ready to sleep, with a video game on in the background

I really like Cat Cafe Nekorobi - they have a small and cozy atmosphere without being too claustrophobic. And they also offer drinks and small cookies with the admission price. There are so many frenetic and hyper-stimulating things to see/do in Tokyo, so I really recommend visiting a cat cafe!! It's relaxing, interactive (with cats and other customers), and it's something unique.

Access Info:
3F Tact T.O Building
Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo
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