Jason Wu for Target GETS + 11 questions

Hey! Does anyone remember me out there? haha! Well it's not so funny I dropped off the blogosphere for so long, but I honestly had nothing to say. I didn't think that day would come so soon actually but that's just how my whole life is going right now. What should I do? What should I say?

Luckily the Jason Wu for Target capsule collection launched today and it gives me something concrete to report! (I wrote about the collection here earlier)

I wasn't one of the many many many people who lined up early or arrived right at opening time to get my hands on the items. But perhaps that was not a wise idea haha! All the scarves and bags were well sold out by 9:00am when I arrived!

Trying some items on! This skirt was only left in size 10 and 16. But I couldn't make the 10 work (normally a 4) which sucked as it was an item I rather wanted!

But in other parts of the country I guess everything was getting scooped up right away, and one of the big complaints amongst shoppers was the lack of buying limits. Luckily in Minnesota people are not so brand obsessed so I still could get a few items I liked. But many items on my wishlist were not stock, sold out or only left in the L and XL sizes TT

But here is what I picked up!

Sheer caplet blouse with dot print

They had tons of these dress, not popular? but it suited my tastes best^^

This cat is the mascot of the collection, but the T is already wrinkly just from being in a shopping bad DX

Lace large clutch

I was sooooooo lucky to get the clutch, like I said all accessories were gone right away. But one young woman put the clutch back as I was talking with an employee by the rack. I really wanted a bag and the caplet blouse so I'm satisfied!!

After the fun morning of fashion hunting Mom and me had brunch at Subway. We got a footlong Egg whites, cheese and ham breakfast sandwich for 5$ and shared it. I really recommend their breakfast sandwiches, as they are filling and low calorie XD

And since I've not blogged for a bit, I'll share the other items I've bought lately:

Lapel cardigan from Target and wrap dress from Express

A peplum shirt, and the perfect black dress - look at that great shape it creates!

And to wrap things up, I was tagged in a meme by the always always sweet Chiihime. It is the 11 Questions meme that has been going around. Though I often don't do memes, I thought this is a great opportunity to write and share a bit about myself^^ Thanks Chiihime!!

Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
No tag backs.

11 things about me:
1. I love food more now than I did before I lost weight.
2. Collecting things is a big hobby, I collect My Little Ponies, UFO catcher items, Super Dollfie, Manga, stationary etc.
3. I was actually considered a "gifted" child in elementary school and was in some special clubs for that.
4. Procrastination is key for me, I need a close deadline or pressure to motivate me.
5. I had surgery on my elbow to reconstruct it after shattering it by falling off the bottom of a slide.
6. The shortest amount of time I've worked a job was for 2 days at a pizza shop, then I quit!
7. The bathrooms in my Jr high and High school were so dirty I wouldn't use them, so I held it till I got home everyday.
8. I have more regrets in my life then I can tolerate, but I still feel so blessed to be born as who I am.
9. Some people I knew since Kindergarten were not my friends until high school.
10. From age 11 to 14 or so my dream job was to be a mangaka, and actually I drew several pictures everyday until I was 18.
11. I took swimming lesson all throughout my youth, swam constantly in the summers, but now swimming is an activity I find bothersome.

Chiihime's 11 questions:
1. What's your favorite make up item? Hmm, I guess eyeliner because you can define your eyes easily with a bit of liner, and create lovely wings/shapes with it!
2. When you need some inspiration for styling yourself, where do you search first? Shop staff blogs, they show the popular/new items of the shops but add their own tastes and ideas to them.
3. What color does describe your personality the best? Black. I think it's black because black is not well "understood" and is often perceived as mysterious. But it contains all the colors, and I like all colors haha.
4. What's your favorite sweet drink? That's hard! I never drink anything sweet. I used to like Shamrock (mint) milkshakes tho.
5. What matches you better: powder eyeshadow or cream eyeshadow? Why? Powder, because it's what I've always used, I'm most comfortable with it.
6. What's your favorite thing in your room? Another tough one. I have so much, I guess my bed, because it's most useful for sitting and sleeping.
7. What's the best way for you to laugh loudly? To watch America's Funniest Home Videos!
8. A place you would love to go, but you had never been before? That's most places XD I will say Versailles.
9. What's your favorite song? Last Song by Gackt.
10. How is your morning routine? Wakeup, bathroom routines, make tea, eat some fruit then check blogs.
11. Do you usually doll up yourself for going to work and/or school? If yes, please describe. No. I used to do my typical gal styled makeup and outfits for school.

Well since I am no good at thinking of questions, and I always feel villainous tagging people I will just answer the questions. I hope this will be the end of my little hiatus haha, but it depends all on my willpower!
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