My new haircut, and Jason Wu x Target

Oh here I am again laying in bed, I almost justified not blogging tonight. Then I just thought "This is be a little post, I can do it!" haha. I will make up for today's small post with something a bit more useful tomorrow.

Actually I'm a bit nervous to share the pictures of my haircut now because I have built up my getting a hair cut too much perhaps haha. Especially when several people said they were looking forward to seeing it DX Oh no, it didn't come out as interesting as I wanted. Even though I asked the student to put more layers in, there is still as much shape as I hoped for.

I mean it's a big improvement over my scraggly plain straight hair, having some shape to my hair really improves it haha. As my mom suggested, this is a good base for more deep layers next time.

My new hair cut. The mosaic seemed the least distracting way to censor my face

When I looked at these pictures my first thought was "There's no difference!" haha, my pre-cut nerves were all for naught I guess XD

Well another thing I want to talk about a bit is the upcoming Jason Wu capsule collection for Target! It's coming to Target stores across the US on February 5th (giving me a reason to look forward to Feb. besides Valentines^^) Its another big name collab, like the Missoni collab late last year, but these items are more wearable for the general public.

Here are my picks from the collection, but you can see everything on Target Style. I am gonna try my best to get the white bag and white top. I think the trench, white dress and lace skirt would all be lovely, but who knows with these limited things XD The yellow and nude dress is unpopular so far, but I think its interesting.

I read a funny comment that some woman thinks these clothes are for pre-teens. I would say the 10-12 who'd want to wear these are rare haha! But as with designer wear these items are cut slimmer. Are you going to get anything from the collection?
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