After Xmas GETS and Glamor

Good evening everyone! I'm quite tired from sleeping badly last night, but its just part of being a woman haha. Today my dad came over, and I made a bit of a stink about it on Twitter because I didn't want to watch Avatar again. We watched the special collector's extended edition which was better than the theater release, my Dad gave it to me for Xmas last year I guess, but we didn't watch it till now.

Well I am glad to say I have fixed the error with photoshop, it was all because CS2 is 32 bit and I'm running a 64 bit system now haha, but it was an easy enough fix. So I was able to edit the pics of my after Christmas gets.

Here are some small items I bought on sale, well the F21 items weren't, but the Claire's items were just 1$ each. I picked up the Sugar Frosting and Cupcake shades of the Revlon Lip Butters. You can also see my new blanket, which I got for Christmas, as the background.

I got requests to see my gets on me, so here you go! Both are from the Jennifer Lopez collection.

And the Adventure Time DVD as a gift, it's my current favorite cartoon

Dolce & Gabbana pouch and leopard print slippers, both gifts

And this Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance set was a Christmas gift from my friend. I really appreciate it because I love this scent. It was categorized as a "Glamorous" scent by Harper's Bazzar and that really struck me!

I began thinking, Glamorous is really what I would like my style to be. I think I have been heading that direction for awhile already with my purchases. To me glamor is clean lines, strong silhouettes, classic pieces with bold accessories and sexy touches. Most of my current favorite gyaru brands are categorized as Glamorous on FashionWalker as well haha.

So I put together a small collage of items I think would make my wardrobe more glamorous. I will also post a few pictures that are inspiration.

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