Little update and Roppongi unique lights

I really did want to blog a bit this weekend, but this is all I can pull together at the moment. I did a full restore of my new laptop so I was able to uninstall the corrupted Photoshop, but now I'm too gun shy to try installing it again TT So I still can't edit all my photos piling up.

This was another weekend of entertaining family members, who used our house as a meeting point. It was really tiring as usual, and my dad is coming over tomorrow. I am recovering from a bit of a cold so it just feel like many things are set against me.

I did get my hair cut yesterday that I had written about doing previously. Those photos will be some of the first I edit when I can, because I'm pretty satisfied with the cut! I've got a few more great items after Christmas too, so I want to share those too DX

As for coordinates, which I said I would start working on again, I can't pinpoint when that will happen as I have gained 10lb. I'm not afraid to admit it when I gain weight, it happens very easily now after my 100+lb weightloss, but that's too much to show myself, imo. Oh I feel like I'm making alot of excuses for not being a better blogger, but there are just alot of set backs recently TT

PHOTOS . . .
I don't want this whole post to be doom and gloom, so I will brighten it up with some pretty lights. I have done a lot of illumination posts this past month or so, but these are really the last I have so noone has to put up with that anymore haha! These are not Christmas lights tho and are more unique, so I hope everyone will appreciate the beauty and have a good start to a new week ^^

These lighted bamboo are so neat!

These crystals really added a great texture to the lights!
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