Gonna get a cut & Volume hair spam

Hello and happy Saturday everyone! I have to work today (fingers crossed that they don't cut me again...) so it's not really that happy but I do have plenty of time this weekend to get some things done. Baking, making crafts, cleaning, all sorts of things I had to put off because of my thesis XD

Another thing I have been thinking about getting done recently is my hair. It's been a little over 3 years I've had anything more than a trim. In the summer of 2008 I cut all my hair into a cheek length bob with a severe fringe, since then I've been pretty stuck on getting super long hair.

I picked this photo to bring to the stylist. It's an ad for extensions, but it shows a layered hair cut and how it can be styled with high volume around the face XD Hopefully this is help the stylist alot haha.

My hair is super long now, but super long straight hair is not flattering for an oblong shaped face (which I have). I already have a fringe, so I'm doing that right, but I need volume around my face (no volume on the top)! Layers would also help create volume when not styled.

I think the picture I picked out is a perfect style for me at the moment. I don't plan to go shorter like that cut, but the layers and the styling is just right. I also picked out a couple more styles that are great long, layered and high volume!

I think the right style is especially good for balancing out an oblong face

This whole image is just super inspiring, love the hair and the makeup and the sexy adult look

It's nothing really dramatic, like a new color or going short again, but I feel a new cut and style like these would help my look out alot. And perhaps inspire me to work on gyaru stlyle. Well here's that Volume Hair Spam I promised, maybe it will inspire you too!

Do you feel like changing your hair soon, or are you always updating your hair style? XD
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