Big shopping day at the Mall of America

Oh whew, hehe, I got my thesis almost totally done today! Just gotta clean up the references page, print it out and hand it in tomorrow evening. It's the last night of class ever for me (unless I go for a masters XP) and we are having a pot luck so I made oatmeal cookies drizzled with peanut butter chocolate.

I hope my classmates will like them, luckily there's only 15 of us in the thesis seminar, so I didn't have to make many. But this is just the beginning of our Christmas baking, me and mom plan to make a wide variety of cookies this weekend.

Another usual Christmas activity is shopping, it really is the biggest shopping time of the whole year. Usually it's for gifts to exchange on December 25th but yesterday we went out just to shop for fun and relaxing. A staff at some clothing shop told us 90% of the people she talked to that day were shopping for themselves, not gifts haha!

These giant Christmas bulbs are so cool!

The Mall of America always has lovely decorations for the season, so its very festive and fun just to walk around. Also they have recently remodeled several areas, with new tile and high-shops so it looks much nicer now. It's been so long since it opened TT it was time for some sprucing up.

There are lots of silver-y trees like this all over MoA 
(and thats what I wore for the day)

We went to several shops we always frequent, plus some others we rarely shop at. One of the highlights was the Bettie Page store which features all retro style clothing from the 50s. Very cool to see something out of the normal trendy or casual clothing XD

Me and mom did a lot of window shopping, but the great thing was because we went in the middle of a week day there was quite a bit of elbow room^^

And this is one of two "main" trees in the rotunda, seems big right?

That's because they reach all the way to the forth level *O* there was a highschool band playing at that time

It was a long day of shopping, but it didn't wear me out at all so I would say it was a great day. Just enjoying the season, looking at nice things and checking out all the new things in a familiar place. Well here's what was purchased yesterday:

From bottom left: MAC Snowglobe palette in Sultry, MAC Desert Rose blush (m), Lorac Oh La Lace palette, Philosophy cleanser sample, black glitter pouch, copper color watch (m), Bath & Bodyworks Dark Kiss and White Citrus (m) body washes, and Fresh gift set (m).

The items marked with (m) are my mom's gets.

And my clothing gets (the stock photos are better than what I'd take). I also got a plain black shirt and bodycon Tshirt dress.

Well I really wanted the white colorway of the bare top but it wasn't in yet (I'll get it someday!) It was a fun day and I hope you also enjoyed seeing the decorations in Mall of America. A few more days of work from tomorrow then I have some truly free days to enjoy next week!
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