Unique and funny things spicing up Ichinoe

Hello everyone! Wow, yes! I recently got a message in my formspring expressing concern for my quite infrequent posting as of late, and I totally agree! I feel rather sad that I can't post more often, either I'm busy with work/school or I have writer's block DX I remember a day when I'd have weeks of posts planned ahead...

But I would like to quickly mention the winner of the Sweet lady Setup Giveaway, the winner was Bunny! She even kindly tweeted about the giveaway, and I hope she will enjoy all the prizes. And I will try to get another one together soon^^

A sign on the cycle repair shop next to the apartment, honestly the owner makes so much dang noise all the time, its hard to say something nice about it haha

Today is another day when I have no good idea for what to write about, and hopefully seeing more of Japan will still be fun for you haha. Because looking through my photo folders I saw a bunch of photos of the quirky things around the town I stay in Japan - Ichinoe - and it stuck me as interesting XD

There's a lot of motorcycle and scooter shops in Ichinoe, I wonder why

I am not really sure what this shop? is, its quite cobbled together tho XD

I took all these photos during a walk from Ichinoe to a town nearby called Nishi Kasai, its a rather long walk but there's no direct train or bus service between them so its a viable option haha. Taking walks to get around offers alot of chances to see new things, so its healthy and entertaining haha!

This mural is very charming

And this 7-11 made a cute display in it's window (The sign says Happy New Year)

Make sure not to pee on flowers, it makes them cry

Ichinoe is a very residential area, what I mostly see are houses, apartments, some small shops around the station, schools, mid/low range restaurants. Oh! There is a Volkswagen dealership too! But there are lots of small details that make it very charming too^^

Just a general landscape pic

Today I went out the the Mall of America and had a bit of a shopping spree before Christmas...oops haha XD So tomorrow we'll mix things up with a post about Minnesota life^^
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