Christmas decorating complete! Festive photos

Wow it's quite late to be blogging and I'm quite tired, but it's been a few days since the last post. I struggled to think of a topic for today, I didn't want to do another Japan post as I'm using up my back stock rapidly. AND nothing much has been happening in my life recently :/

One good thing I can report is I got the confirmation from my teacher that my rough draft thesis is good enough to pass and I will be graduating. I'm just glad it's almost out of the way now, and I can enjoy the holiday season finally haha!

I don't work much this coming week, so my paycheck will be sad, but the good point is I can relax with all the snow we got today around me XD

Anyhow as I said in the title, we have finally finished decorating as it was the first day both my mom and me had off at the same time. We put up the tree, which was taken off my Grandpa's land. It's hard to have Christmas without him because he was involved in it.

The tree did turn out very nicely after we finished. Though we both agree there is something about the layout of our house that doesn't take to decorating well. I guess it's awkward/not very homey :/

But here are some favorite decorations:

This is a vintage ornament from the 50s ^^

The "ice cream" ornament on the left I made in Kindergarden, how a cone can last that long who knows!

Another ornament I made in childhood, candy inside is from the 90s XD

I also dressed up Duffy in the Christmas outfit I got for him during my recent trip to DisneyWorld in October. He makes a cute decoration for this season now haha. I'm not sure where to display him, the cats already find him a bit interesting. Cat hair magnet!

Duffy in Christmas gear

This is my "white display" which I quite like!

And after you get your holiday decorations up, it's always nice to have a scent in the room to complete the festive feeling haha. I recommend Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Peppermint. It took awhile to grow on me, but it's a great scent for the holidays.

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