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Good morning everyone. I guess I got up too early because here it is not even noon yet and I'm ready for a nap! School and work is driving me up the wall, yesterday some district VPs came to the store so all the managers were nervous/scared so they took it out on us underlings.

Anyway I have to meet with my teacher later today, I hope I don't hear terrible news, so here's my only chance to blog DX I'm glad to get some positive feedback on yesterday's Japan photo post.

Today I want to show some pictures from a kimono exhibit I went to earlier this year. Kimono are the traditional wear of Japan, and is something that seems exotic from the outside. But the exhibit I went to had some non-traditional designs!

They also had a photo studio available for people wearing kimono

This exhibition was held at Roppongi Hills, which is a very upscale shopping mall with an interesting design. It was a very nice chance to see some beautiful garments in a beautiful setting. And besides the kimono on display many women were wearing their own.

Elegant designs, I especially like the yellow one

This spiderweb with rose design is amazing and just my taste!

The kimono were created by a variety of designers and all had elements that set them apart from other kimono. Some had a pattern like skulls, uncommon colors or gothic touches. Color, cut and pattern are important in kimono as it reflect specific themes, seasons, and ages of the wearer.

Great bat pattern yukata and the obi has a interesting print too

Such rich colors from WAfrica

I particularly liked seeing the kimono from WAfrica. They combine African fabric and patterns with kimono to produce beautiful art that brings two cultures together. They also were showing some yukata designed for hide that were really attractive but hard to photograph with the crowd haha.

I got the info card atleast XD

Kimono is a very rich art, not just a practical fashion though it is that too haha. People can spend their life studying it and learning how to wear kimono in the most attractive way. I've never worn a kimono but I would like to one day^^
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