Winter feeling in Tokyo proper

Oh I just had to take a break from my thesis, and I thought I had better take advantage of this free half hour to blog. Which is something I just don't have time to do recently! TT I also have not been replying to comments or reading blogs, I know how this negatively affects things but I won't be able to interact normally until after my thesis is due haha!

I was also thinking, many of my recent posts aren't so interesting and thought that many people began reading my blog to learn more and enjoy photos of Japan. So I will try to get back on track with Japan write-ups and share some more useful information ^^/

Business areas, like around Tokyo Station, have a western feeling

It will be winter soon, and I don't know about you but we have already put up our Christmas decorations (expect the tree, we haven't had time yet). It makes me feel like showing some winter-y photos of Japan!

Not particularly winter-y but interesting and red like Christmas haha!

Now that's winter-y!

Actually its been awhile since I was in Japan for Christmas, I honestly really disliked being there for Christmas and regard it as a mistake, so I usually travel in January now. However one great thing about that is many of the illuminations are still up.

January is the month of the New Year of course, which is much more important in Japan than Christmas so there are lots of nice decorations about and events going on. These photos come from a particular night in January earlier this year when I went to the Tokyo Station area to see illuminations.

Beautiful lit up trees

Mostly just got to see the back of heads...

While we were there we also passed through the Oazo shopping center, and happened upon a free opera performance. It was really interesting, but since we didn't know about it beforehand we didn't get a good view haha. There were also some pretty window displays in the mall.

A jewelry display, but its not the jewelry that is beautiful

I know there was not much info in this particular writeup, but hopefully you could enjoy the photos haha. And in case you are in need of some more festive photos, please check out Thanh Thao's post today! It's all Christmas photos from Germany XD

Well that's it for now. I'm off to eat dinner and write some more for my thesis, then shower and bed and then work again...
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