Thinking about spring fashion

Well it's not even technically winter yet, but I'm already thinking about spring fashion! Haha. Maybe it's because I'm all loopy from insomnia and early shifts, or because I'm hoping I get more chances to dress up in the spring? Who knows haha. Well the designers showed their Spring/Summer ready to wear items last month so its ok!

Spring/Summer fashion will have the usual florals, light colors, ethnic etc. I guess there are also bright colors and bold absract floral prints. But those sort of things are not really me, especially florals and pinks: I just don't feel them.

So my focus during the S/S 2012 season will be on light colored suiting, white, art deco/1920s influences etc. The above image contains some of my favorites from designer ready to wear. I like the plunging necklines and the new classic onepieces.

I'm not sure what I will be able to add to wardrobe, though I only want to add a couple pieces to keep it streamlined, I have put together a collage of some items I think would be nice for S/S coordinates.

I don't have so much more to say in this particular post, which I feel bad about - I really want to write some more. But I am just worn out, even now I have such a headache. Tomorrow is my first day off of work since Black Friday, but I have to do the rough draft of my thesis... TT

Well here are a few Murua coordinates with spring items, for a bit more inspo^^

Light colors

Suiting coat, lace

Ok, I would do floral like this
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