Takarazuka Revue exhibit at Marunouchi Oazo

Hi again everyone. I had meant to make this a productive day but I got cramps and just spent most of the time laying down. Thank you for all your kind comments on my hair spam post yesterday, I hope I can get that new hairstyle soon so I can share some photos. Today I'm posting some more about Japan, please enjoy it!

Earlier this week my friend sent me some photos he took on his way to work that I thought would be interesting to share. The reaction to the unique kimono exhibit was positive so hopefully this post can be interesting as well as it also has to do with beautiful clothing.

Takarazuka Review costumes

Currently Marunouchi Oazo, a shopping mall and office building located in Marunouchi natch haha, is running an event called Bright Christmas Special 2011. It revolves around the Takazuka Revue, featuring costume/prop exhibits, historical information about the troupe and meet and greet events.

Takarazuka is a theater group with a history that begins in 1914, who preform musicals and adaptations of novels, opera and even shojo manga. The company has its own theaters, the main one is located in Hyogo prefecture. What makes Takarazuka Revue special however, is it is an all female company, even male roles are preformed by females.

Costumes from the very popular Rose of Versailles production

Their performances are melodramatic and feature a alot of singing. Another unique element is that their audiences are generally 90% female. Some theorists believe it's due to the inherent lesbianism due to the male roles occupied by women, while others find it as a symbol of empowerment. Either way, the productions are lavish, well done and are very an important element of Japanese theater.

Wow, the first suit is so sparkly XD

I know alot of people are interest/like Takarazuka Revue's adaptation of the classic manga Rose of Versailles . If you have any interest in theater, or costumes this is a great exhibition to check out! Its free to the public, I'm not sure when the costumes will be gone tho >.> I guess on Christmas haha
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