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Hey! I am surprised at myself that I didn't just put off blogging, and I didn't even let my lack of photoshop stop me from putting together some collages. Though trying to get these pictures together with Paint makes me realize how much I need Photoshop to make things smoother haha.

One of the things that came up in the optional section of the 666 Giveaway, was a request to see my "Picks" again. Right now I'm waiting on the other January issues of my favorite magazines to come out so I can make my picks, but there are lots of other great sources of inspo out there so here are my shop, blog and puri picks of the past few weeks:

Lip Service (L) and Egoist (M&R)
These are some outfits that are perfect for the middle of winter

Egoist (L) Lip Service (R)
While these would work as nice transitions into spring wear!

Emoda, Gold's Infinity, Duras, and Nuts scan from Mika-chan
The Gold's outfit could be made trendy with an open knit sweater and a digital print skirt, Emoda and Duras looks are quite wearable.

Emoda, Duras, Rienda, and Emoda
Besides the first Emoda outfit, these are nice monotones haha

The left outfit, the girly bow blouse is nicely balanced with the black damaged shorts

All these girls have great taste, though the leg stretching purikura effect is distracting me a bit TT

I think my mini-obsession with thigh high boots and stockings is rather evident haha. I am also getting into light colors alot, more than these picks show, but overall these are the sort of shapes and cuts I'm attracted to right now. I have some more gets to share soon, which will show the sort of colors and trends I'm getting into haha.
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