A rare glimpse of a Tayu

I have been saying I will get better at posting endlessly, but it doesn't seem to take haha. Now atleast I have a decent excuse, I have an error in trying to install Photoshop on my new laptop and without photoshop I can't edit any photos, no picks, no gets, no tutorials or reviews (all of which I have pics for haha) I found a tutorial for fixing the error, possibly, but its complicated so my tired mind keeps avoiding it haha.

So until I fix that error, I will have to share some photos from my Japan trip last January^^ The past couple of years I've spent January in Tokyo, so its very strange to be here in MN and I can say without hesitation this has been the worst holiday season in my life. I even slept through the New Year because I had nothing to do :/

Some of the crowd watching the Tayu performence, there was not enough floor space DX

But last year I had a lot to do for the New Years! XD I don't do the First Shrine Visit anymore in Japan, because once was enough for me. So my friend kindly researched fun New Years activities to do instead, and last year he found a Tayu exhibit in Roppongi!

The Tayu with her apprentices and Yarite (older chaparone, I believe)

The Tayu exhibits her kimono

Tayu are the highest level of Oiran, who were high-ranked prostitutes in Tokyo's pleasure district of history called Yoshiwara. Tayu were considered suitable for Daimyo to patronize (Daimyo were the landowners a level below Shoguns in the feudal system). They were not just prostitutes - they were performers highly educated in dancing and musical instruments!

The Yarite set up this screen so we could not see the Tayu get set up between performances, her grace was never compromised!

Playing the Kokyu and accompanied by a Shamisen

I personally had been interested in Oiran since I watched the movie Sakuran, which was based off of the manga by Moyoco Anno (one of the manga-ka I like). Of course that movie is romanticized but it still shows alot about the life of Oiran.

The Tayu we got to see preformed several traditional preformances. Firstly she displayed her robes, which was a highly stylized act, then she played the Kokyu (A stringed instrument similar to the Shamisen but played with a bow) and finished with a dance.


And something modern - the photo op!

I have to say this was a very interesting experience, I mean when else could I see a Tayu preform?? Furthermore every movement, no matter how small was ritualized and I can only imagine how long it takes to learn all of it.

Do you have any interest in Oiran or historical artifacts such as?
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