Looking back, Looking ahead

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't write some retrospective and optimistic post on the day of New Year's Eve? I have read alot of nice New Years posts already since yesterday (due to time differences) and though I don't think I have so much to say on this sort of topic I may as well muse a bit ^^

Looking back over 2011
I thought this year was going to be bigger than it ended up being for me, though I did accomplish somethings several things didn't pan out fully and/or I didn't expend enough energy in moving ahead. Haha, well I will write about some of the important points:

* January *

This month had something great and something terrible in it. I had traveled to Japan again, but while I was gone my Grandpa passed away from cancer, I couldn't get a return flight unless I paid 4,000$ so it was well, terrible as I said. I don't want to talk about such a personal matter but it has not been easy for the family suffice to say.

However because I was in Japan I was able to hold a gyaru meetup that was aired on Tokyo Kawaii TV and was quite successful. It was amazing to meet so many beautiful ladies from around the world.

* February & March *

I didn't do much in these months. I met up with friends and was doing my pop rock style rather heavily. One thing to mention in March was I was scouted by a legitimate Japanese modeling agency, who offered to fly me to Japan to work with them. Then the earthquake happened and they stopped contacting me. I didn't want to mention it at the time, which ended up being the right choice otherwise I would've looked a fool/been made fun of.

March is also when I start losing my way/confidence in my style. I started trying alot of looks but never really liking anything.

* April, May & June *

Nothing much happened in April, though I began to start collecting My Little Ponies again seriously. Its all popular now so it's harder to get the vintage ones. Then in May I finally got to visit Disneyland in California! It was really great because we stayed onsite and the hotel was wonderful! I also had a meetup with many of the awesome California gals!

In June the gals and gyaru-o in Minnesota formed a gyaru-sa, which I joined. Then halfway through the month I traveled to Tokyo again.

* July & August *

In NHK, Tokyo Kawaii TV has a huge backstock of magazines *o*

My fashions were still pretty hit or miss, atleast there were some hits haha... I got to meet up with my lovely Hana before she moved to Hawaii and I worked closely with Tokyo Kawaii TV and Kawaii.i

Another thing I didn't mention at the time was I did paid acting work for Tokyo Kawaii TV, and filmed in NHK's headquaters. My clips were shown online as promos for TKTV episodes. I was directed to act super hammy, and the clips were'nt viewable outside Japan so I decided to not talk about it. I also didn't want people flaming me over it.

In the end I gave myself heat exhaustion for over exercising, but I reached 57kg. I did some fun things during this trip but mostly I just recall the heat and discomfort.

* September, October, November *

These months are generally eventful as they have holidays and birthdays. My mom's bday is in September, and I also started my last semester of Uni then. October was my bday month, and we celebrated Halloween at DisneyWorld which was a big hit for my family! I also dressed up for the Rocky Horror Show. November was really nothing, besides getting a new job.

* December *

I worked often and tried to put alot of effort into buying good gifts for my loved ones. I never dressed up even once, but I enjoyed the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Looking ahead to 2012
There are lots of rumors about 2012 being the last year of human civilization, due to predictions by the Mayans and Nostradamus, but who knows what will happen? We can only make our resolutions and goals as normal haha. My top 3 resolutions for 2012? . . .
1. Get a  job
2. Move out (to my own apt. or to Tokyo)
3. Regain my style (dress up regularly, and improve)

I also want to make some blog resolutions/goals. All the responses in the 666 Giveaway have helped me greatly on this, here are the main things you want to see more of!! . . .
1. Fashion - a. my coordinates b. fashion trends/reports c. hauls, picks and O7W
2. Makeup - a. tutorials b. reviews (of lenses and Japanese products esp.)
3. Writeups - a. personal posts b. Japan travel info

And generally more photos! Haha. I was really surprised to see how many people asked for more of my coordinates and pictures of me. I felt those things were kinda unattractive to people DX I will start working on doing more of your requested post types ASAP!! Let's make 2012 (and MLD) great^^/
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