Filming for Tokyo Kawaii TV & Me2

Hello everyone, sorry for that bit of blank space for the last day or so. I have been taking a rest since the past couple of days had been a bit busy for me. I was quite upset that I couldn't get back for my grandfathers funeral services but it sounds like it was very lovely for everyone who did go, all 600 people!! My grandpa was so popular^^

Well even though I was down, I had a really great once in a lifetime opportunity - to be filmed for a segment in an upcoming episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV. Tokyo Kawaii TV's episode featuring the Spanish gyaru is the reason why I first started feeling interested in gyaru in the first place.

Photo stolen from Lou XD Luckily there was a translator that day^^

They contacted me and we set up filming times for Friday, they filmed me in Shibuya walking around, points of my clothing and self introduction. Later they came to my room and filmed my meager clothing collection. I could tell they were like "This is it??"XD

The main point was filming the Big Gyaru Me2 on Saturday. For the TV show it was a really good opportunity that so many gaijin gyaru were together at once! They interviewed all the girls, and filmed us shopping, doing purikura and karaoke.

Lou has a great post about the Me2 here, and I will do a write-up about it in a couple days once I get all the photos in order^^ I'm so happy I could set-up the Me2, and everyone seemed to have a good time!! Thank you everyone for coming!

The entire group, everyone looked so stylish and beautiful! (stolen from Heather)

I'm so excited to see all you guys on TV. The Episode airs Feb 26 at 23:00 on NHK. They will send me a DVD hopefully not too long after the airing haha.
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