Gal meeting in California! hosted by Michi

Hi there everyone! Miss me? haha, no I'm sure its no big deal I've been a bit m.i.a right? Haha. But it was nice just to do irl stuff, and enjoy Disneyland, it was quite a fun time, and I will write it up soon (hopefully...)

Well I met up with some really lovely ladies on Wednesday May 4th, but I haven't even blogged about it yet! I've wanted to since that night, but only now I get a free moment too^^

First I want to show you the hotel I stayed in at Costa Mesa, it's called Ayer's Hotel and its "European" style. It's a poshy businessperson hotel, and I liked it.

Our room

A sitting room in the hotel

That was the last day I stayed in that hotel (later I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel), and I appreciated the makeup table there for getting ready. I tried a more adult style for the meetup, I like how it turned out. Perhaps it's best that I keep going with adult or casual styles^^

No tripod? Make it work!

After I was ready I waited for Cass (Thank you so much again for going out of your way dear!) to come pick me up at my hotel, and we headed over to Mitsuwa to meet the other gals. Michi and Stephanie were already there, and Marie came right after us.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Michi right here because she put all of this together, and I know it was very last minute and/or far for some people, I really appreciate this meetup!

Stephanie, Michi and Marie in Mitsuwa

We hung out at Mitsuwa for awhile, chatting, reading the magazines Michi and Stephanie bought (argh, June Egg is so nice XD) and visiting Kelly who was working there!

After that we didn't have solid plans so we went to the mall for some window shopping and dinner^^ I didn't buy anything, but I was just in awe of all the really high brands at the mall *_*

Playing with walky balloons in a toystore at the mall

While we were having dinner Mie and Mandie joined us, filling out our lovely group! Mie was waaaay too kind to me (Michi too, are all Diamond Gals so sweet?)

Group photo! Kelly, Me, Stephanie, Michi, Marie, Cass and Mandie

Sticky Picky purikura arcade

Thus us all being together, we went to Diamond plaza on Jamboree Rd (that's the name right? XD) to take purikura. Some girls got bread from 85C which is an Asian style bakery, then we went to the arcade and hung around a bit. Argh it was 13$ for one puri!

Then I had to leave TT But it was so fun! I was so honored that everyone came, and I could meet such amazing gals!! My post is rather puny so please check out Michi's post or Marie's super thorough post!

Marie asked me why I wasn't taking many photos, and after reading her post, I felt I am a big slacker!! I'll try to put more effort into my blogging again seriously!
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