= Coordinate Post = March part three

Good day everyone! Thanks to all who commented on my post yesterday, I'm really enjoying the weather and landscape here, I'm sorry I couldn't capture it well enough on film. Costa is quite nice, if I was richer maybe I'd move? XD

Well very soon I will be meeting with Michi and lots of other great gals (sorry I'm not sure who's all coming specifically) SO I decided to make a quick coordinate post!

Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Hot Topic
Everything else: no brand haha!

Wow good thing this dress has skulls all over it, otherwise this would be too sweet! Haha. Perhaps I don't suit such a lovely style, but its fun to try it out once in awhile. Although I look strange with hime hair, I think it would work with this outfit^^

Shirt: Target
Long Tshirt: Ghost of Harlem
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden

This is my favorite outfit of this post by far! And it's the most casual haha. I think the print of the tshirt and the gingham shirt really make this simple look more interesting.

Cardigan: Glad News
Top: tutuHA
Skirt: W*C

I know lots of people hate pink x red coordinates, but shouldn't they go together? I'm aware this outfit is a bit silly and may not be liked by many. But this W*C skirt makes my legs look thin, so I can't hate it haha!

Wow these outfits are so different from what I'm currently wearing. Its so hard to pick something that looks good on me :/

Well I booked my tickets to Tokyo today! Argh buyer's stress! I hope I can improve my look and better myself within the next month TT
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