Return to California, photos of Newport Beach

Yes, its not just my arrival, its the return of Sara Mari to California haha. Oh it's not so dramatic as that, but perhaps its little known that I used to travel to CA often (because my 4th bf is here). Well that was San Diego and this is Costa Mesa, but seriously it looks basically the same haha!!

I was not ready for the warm weather though, I was wearing a cardigan out of the airport...and sweating ugh! Luckily I did bring sunglasses because the sun is so intense here.

This is the outdoor restaurant terrace at our hotel. Such a strong flower smell here!

We got to our hotel quickly after landing because its like literally across from the Orange Country airport. But we left again quickly to see some things around the area.

We went to Newport Beach to see the ocean, it was the first time for my mom to see the Pacific ocean, but I've seen it many times so its not so exciting. It was a bit too windy for us I guess because we didn't stay long.

Here is a mini Newport Beach spam for you. Its really attractive if you're from a cold place like me XD

Obligatory palm tree photo!

After that we went to a super market, got some food for me since I'm alone in the hotel today and part of tomorrow. And we went to Mitsuwa market, ah I used to go there constantly in San Diego and buy tons of snacks.

But now I don't have any desire to eat Japanese snacks, and I didn't want to buy any issues of magazines I'd already looked at. So it was a bit boring to mom. We stared into the window of Shibuya Closet, but its closed mondaysTT

That's about all for the first day. I was super tired and just wanted to sleep the whole time. Haha!
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