Cosmetics selection in my fave - Donki!

Hey there folks, trying to get back into the swing of things here, I started replying to comments and I will start leaving comments on your blogs again soon^^ I'm thinking alot about blogging, and I'm hoping you will like this post!

The place I always go to for cosmetics in Japan is of course (as you may of guess by the title..) Don Quijote! Not only because they sell the makeup at lower prices than regular drug stores, they also have a large selection!

The Lavshuca product lineup at Donki

I'm not hard core into Japanese cosmetics, I can easily find good items and brands here stateside, but I do love the packaging, limited editions, and unique items! Of course you can't find so many false eyelashes here!

Maybelline Colossal Volum' mascara (misplaced on the rack haha) and Cosmagic blushes!

Majolica Majorca nail polish

Even the tiny one level Donki Picasso near where I stay in Japan has a nice cosmetics selection, and they had expanded it recently! They stocked Diamond Lashes, Eyemazing Lashes, RicoAng press on nails, D-up eyelash glue, everything I love.

But they don't have Canmake items TT Have you seen Canmake at any Donki near you?

Kate eyeshadows

More Kate eyeshadows, the brown and teal palette really catches my eye!

Anyhow, they carry most of the major brands, and you will easily be able to find that Kate eyeshadow, Majolica Majorca mascara, and Candydoll blush. Donki is loved especially by gyaru for their cosmetic needs, perhaps because there are branches located in prime areas of Shibuya and Shinjuku? XD

And it's not only the makeup itself you can find at Donki, you can also find great tools. Eyelash applicators for those tired of using tweezers, or makeup shields to protect your makeup from mascara slip ups.

Eyebrow trimmer, mascara shield, compact eyelash curler, sponges

This will make putting on falsies easy haha!

Though I have to warn you, import cosmetics and circle lenses are not as cheap at Donki compared to other places. OPI polishs are over 2,000yen while only 8.50$ here in the US.

Perhaps you noticed this article is basically about showing off cosmetic pics from Donki, but I hope it could be a little useful as well. In the least makeup is fun to look at haha!
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