Even mushrooms gotta have 'tude (+ random cute)

Ok, I will be totally honest, I am at a lost about what to post today. I know I don't really HAVE to post anything, but it feels wrong, just wrong XD I have some random cute photos I want to share, so please enjoy them^^/

And that's what this post is all about. When I saw this picture on this package of mushrooms, I just about died! XD Look at his expression - so nonchalant! Doesn't he just look like "Haters gonna hate"??

Haha, he should be my mascot!

I kinda think as amazing as this mushroom is it might not be enough. So I want to share some other photos I took around the same time, but are too random for their own entry.

The day after I ate the mushrooms above, I went to Akihabara to meet my friend's friend, and I passed by a Doutor with this cute sign for their summer campaign.

I guess that's one way to keep people from going insane in the ungodly Japanese summer - offer them delicious sweets and cool drinks! The mille feuille crepe cake looks so good, and I guess that Cheburashka character is somehow involved XD

After that I went to some bookstore to kill time before we all met up, and I saw these cat plush toys, apparently from some manga? called Kuruneko. Their faces also crack me up, so sarcastic looking!

Which character in this post do you like best - Mushroom guy, Cheburashka or Kuruneko?
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