Introducing Knockout nago-sa!!

Good evening everyone, it's not the One 7 Ways post as it should be. I am not sure if I will be able to do that in Tokyo because my wardrobe will be like 1/4 of what it usually is haha. Well I'll come up with some other good posts^^

Anyhow, instead I have something more exciting (to me haha) than One 7 Ways, I want to introduce the nago-sa which I helped form and joined recently -

Knockout nago-sa!

Watch out, Knockout is on it's way! haha

Firstly there are these groups called circles which are kinda like clubs (for lack of better word) which gyaru and gyaruo join to share their interests, help each other improve and even hold events. Nago-sa are just for hanging out, not event making.

For a long time I hesitated to join a circle, one because I never felt good enough to join, and two because circles are meant to promote friendship and I wanted to be in a circle that I meet with my friends often.

Members: Me, Justin, Mia and Emily!

How lucky is it that even in Minnesota there are gyaru? Justin and Emily had been thinking of making a nago-sa in MN for a bit, and after we met Mia I really encouraged everyone to complete that dream.

Justin came up with the name Knockout, it just sounds so great! I am working on the website which has a retro American comic theme, but we need Emily's great artwork to finish it out! (plus I have to finish the content...) And Mia helped us make our studio pictures!

We took these studio pictures on Monday, and it was really fun using MCAD'S studio, I took the photos myself so they are super amazing, but it was still a great experience to work with professional equipment^^/

Here's a couple of my shots.

Sorry this one is low quality because I cropped it out of a faraway group shot, but I really liked my pose in it^^

This one shows my peanut head (seriously I have a small head...)

Anyway, I can't wait to do more with Knockout, thank you so much for looking at this little post haha^^/ Please be patient as we finish the site! XD And of course we are accepting members in the Twin Cities area m(_ _)m
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