On the road to Nikko, soba and omiyage pitstops

Yesterday was busy! Somehow though I know how long it takes to do my makeup and styling, I always run out of time haha. But I have some exciting things to show soon because of it, look forward to it!

Another thing I have been excited to share is the photos from my trip to Nikko with my friend and his friend. I don't often get the chance to go outside Tokyo, so this trip was really fun for me!

This was some typical scenery on the drive to Nikko

I want to begin this mini-series with some stops we had on the way to Nikko, as it's a road trip it was necessary to stop and have a rest sometimes. The rural view during the drive was beautiful though!

The exterior of the restaurant

Stopping for lunch, we visited a soba restaurant, just there on the road. I don't think it was well known, but given it's styling it looked like it was built for the tourists going through.

The interior feature long and wide tables made of big pieces of polished wood. As well as some big tree trunks. There was also a tatami room, of course there you sat on the floor.

Interior shot with wooden tables and a big tree trunk?

Sitting around and chatting

I was being very good about my diet then, and a noodle restaurant is not the most diet friendly place you will find in Japan haha! But my friends suggested I have yasai soba since it had many vegetables, and if you are gonna eat noodles, soba is much better because of the buckwheat content ^^/

My friend had zaru soba

My yasai soba

I felt really bad because I only ate a tiny bit of the noodles, I hate wasting food!! Well after the meal we drove some more, and we stopped at a tourist shop/rest stop on top of a small mountain.

It had a lot of the typical boxed foods and snacks that Japanese people exchange as gifts. Of course I saw lots of tasty sweets I wish I could buy for myself, but I didn't haha.

I did want to use the restroom there tho, but it was all squat toilets, and a lady was washing the whole room out with a hose... so I just turned around and walked out haha!

We enjoyed the view a bit and then headed back out. I hope everyone enjoyed this first part of my trip to Nikko, there are more interesting pics coming soon!
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