Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Hey everyone, sorry for being MIA for so long. I said the posts would be scarce but they ended up being non-existant! That's the longest I've ever gone without posting, I would even call that a hiatus. Though I hope noone was missing me/my posts, I'm sure that's an unnecessary sentiment haha! Well now I have plenty of Disney photos to add to my ever expanding "To Edit" pile :/

But I got the ones that are most time sensitive done! So now I can write a Halloween post on the actual day of it XDD This year our main reason for going to DisneyWorld was to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We did spend a whole week there, but the Halloween Party was the main event.

All cast members wear special Halloween attire

Autumn/harvest decorations adorn the Main Street area of DisneyWorld

The MNSSHP was created several years ago in response to the very gory and horrific Halloween event Universal Studios puts on. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is aptly named as it's a family friendly event that won't leave your kids unable to sleep alone for the next 3 years haha.

Entrance to the Party requires a special ticket (60$ per person) and runs from 19:00 to 0:00. However, they will let you in starting from 16:00, though the Halloween stuff does start specifically at 19:00. At that time anyone without a wristband, which attendees get upon entrance, is kicked out by the cast members.

Some pumpkins decorating the roofs

They also have special Halloween statues in the Hub

Since it's a Halloween party of course you should dress up! Adults and Children alike dress up, though any type of costume is permitted it is the only time of the year adults may dress as a Disney character. That's why my mom was creating a Sleeping Beauty dress!! I went as Aurora and she was Merryweather^^

Cinderella's Castle is spookily lit

The best events of the Party are the special parade, Villains' show and fireworks, you can only see these things at this Party. The Villain Mix and Mingle show is a nicely produced musical dance, and you can take your photo with all the villains afterward.

The Fireworks display is also the best I have ever seen at a Disney park (better than the Halloween fireworks at DisneyLand too). The parade features alot of the villians, as well as many rarely seen characters. At the end of the parade some cast members hand out Mickey shaped lollipops.

Us with the real Aurora and Prince Phillip

With Cinderella's step-mother and ugly step-sisters

Speaking of candy, you can also go trick or treating throughout the park (at specially marked locations) a treat bag is provided though you can bring your own. I got mostly crappy candy like smartees, tootsie rolls, lemon heads, fruit snacks etc. But there was a bit of chocolate and it's fun hording candy.

With Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast)

You can also easily meet alot of characters, many are wearing special Halloween costumes too! All the characters were very nice to me and bowed to me/treated me like Aurora haha. Me and mom also got so so so many compliments on our costumes, some people even asked where we bought them haha.

Mickey and Minnie's special Halloween costumes

This Aladdin was flirting with me, and wouldn't let go of my hand...

I also felt quite special because every single girl under 7 in the park was so excited by my costume, some grabbed my skirt to get my attention but most just waved haha. I can't even tell you how many photos I took with random little girls, one parent even remarked "This is better than waiting in line" and another a couple other said I looked better than the real Aurora (I guess because of my circle lenses haha)

Some fellow attendees had amazing Fairy Godmother and Cinderella costumes

I relaly recommend the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I think its one of the best events Disney puts on, and its a great event for Disney lovers, families or people looking for something just fun to do on Halloween!
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