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Good afternoon everyone! First off thank you to everyone who commented on my Disney post a couple days back, I really hope the pics I got were fun to see. I have replied to all the comments (except the few I got today) so I feel excited haha. I hope noone minds that I am going to do a fashiony/gets post before I put up part 2 m_ _m

But I couldn't hold back on this post any longer because I'm really excited by some of the clothing items in it, and just want to share! And also I want to talk a bit about thrifting as there are alot of stigmas/misconceptions about it. But first, I will share my retail gets first!

 from top left: 
Quartz ring, ZARA stud shirt, Webster chambrey shirt, Dot blouse, ZARA floral shorts, striped dress
Mint colored jeans from Target

Sorry I couldn't fit the jeans onto the main graphic so they are just kind hanging out there haha. I really like each of these pieces, they stand out but will coordinate with my existing wardrobe so easily. My mom was in Chicago last week on business and she so kindly stopped at Zara to pick me up the great sheer white shirt with studs and floral shorts!

Now something I'm really getting into is thrifting, not only can you find great vintage or brand name items for super bargain prices, it's so much better for the environment and human rights. Thrifting is not any dirtier (which is a common stigma) than clothing in retail shops. Having worked in retail I can tell you those clothes have been dropped on the floor tens of times, touched by hundreds of people who don't wash their hands, are sick etc and tried on by other people who aren't wearing underwear, have BO etc. Haha!

Furthermore, thrifting should not be seen as demoralizing - for only the poorest people who have to wear middle classed people's cast-off pilled-up sweat shirts. Many people (including myself) donate items that are even new with tags. Consumerism created by multinational corporations have instilled these feelings that we MUST consume constantly or something is wrong. See this well written post!

Well yes, thrift stores are filled with pilly, tacky and dumpy clothing, but the point is to ignore those and find the GEMS!

 Banana Republic maxi tank dress 4$ (gonna dip dye it!), a lovely 90's mock turtle neck 4$ and a maxi skirt 3$ (I've already remade it XD)

 Oh man I love this ridiculous denim jacket!! (4$)
It's such a close match for the ones by Murua and Emoda. I will show the remake I did on it soon XD

 Though Coach is on the lower end of name brand bags I can't afford one haha! But this thrifted vintage one was just 20$ and there's no scratches or wears on the high quality leather!
 And this 100% leather skirt from the Gap for 4$!

And look at these beauties just waiting for DIY! The sunbleached shorts are so fabulously momish and early 90s (they still had the tag though XD) the rise is really high and they will look so perfect cut off!! (from 3$-5$ each)

I hope my thrift stores finds encouraged you to check out your local thrift store (if you don't already) I mean how will you get new/almost new Levi jeans or real leather items for 3$ anywhere else? haha. For those who want to try thrifting, it's a great way to expand your wardrobe cheaply, I will write some useful tips for you:

1. Take an editing eye - you might make a list of items you specifically want, but keep your mind open to anything that might work for your wardrobe. And make sure it will work with your wardrobe, don't be blinded by good prices/deals. Only spend your money on things that fit your style!

2. Bring a measuring tape - sizing varies brand to brand and decade to decade! To make sure an item will fit you, measure it! This is also helpful for those who don't want to try things on haha.

3.  Feel the material - you can find the quality items just by touch if you know what good and bad fabrics feel like. This is a good way to quickly shift out tacky items haha. Spending time to look at every single item will take forever so just try to look for good quality off the bat, then narrow it down by style etc.

4. Location and timing - a thrift store in a good neighborhood might result in some real gems haha. And thrifting is all about the timing as they stock everyday, so make sure to make a routine (like once a week)

5. Sanitize - don't pass up thrift items just because you think they are dirty. Stains can be removed with a pre-treatment pen, leather can be cleaned with sanitizing wipes and everything else can be washed haha! Also minor damage like burst seams or missing buttons are easily fixed.
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