Tokyo Disneysea and A Table is Waiting show (PIC HVY)

Hello! How is everything going? My life is really stuck in a rut, repeating the same thing over and over but I hope its not the same for everyone haha. I've been exercising alot recently, though it doesn't get me any results it does take up all my time. Luckily I have a spare moment to write a new post today, I had these photos edited last night but no energy to write DX

I went to Disney parks so many times in 2010 and 2011 (I know I post a lot of photos, but I like Disney alot haha!) so it feels weird looking over these pictures with no plans to visit again until October! It's so easy to get to a Disney park when you're in Tokyo, just hop on the bus and you're there!

Well anyhow these pictures are from when me and my friend went to Tokyo DisneySea on June 23 last year. We got to see a new show, and Fantasmic and walk through the MiraCosta hotel so atleast there will be some new topics!

 First off, there were some cute girls at the Ichinoe bus stops, they were from Osaka

 Walking into Tokyo DisneySea!

 Since I was there last, the gift shops have transformed into Duffy shops!

I have been to DisneySea so many times now, and its really much more of a grownup park so there aren't many rides. And though I have done pretty much everything there, luckily there were some new shows to see! And I tried a new "ride" as well, the gondolas! Well you just get a small ride around the waterways in the Mediterranean Harbor area.

 All the gondoliers had to sing at this one point, have to be outgoing for this job!

 A Band of chefs apparently haha!

After that we headed over to the American Waterfront to see the new show which had replaced the old show "Over the Waves". The new show has an around the world food theme and is called "A Table is Waiting" The host of it is Lumiere (though noone really knows him in Japan). The first time we saw it it was rained out, but the next showing went on as schedule though our seats were not so great TT

The first show was rained out but the characters came out in raincoats to wave bye

 Now the show is on! Chip n Dale are Mexican food

 Daisy has Indian food

 Pluto was USA food

 Goofy was Japanese food

 The whole cast 

Mickey and Minnie were French sweets

After watching the new show we went walked around and went on rides and watched the stage shows like usual. We did see a new ride under construction in the Arabian Coast, which we went on during a later visit. Though the ride wasn't open we stopped and had a curry lunch in that area, it was really small for the price (it tasted good enough) but that's usual for Disney parks haha!

 Its like the Dumbo ride, but it's really beautiful and built around a lit fountain!

 Where we ate lunch and the lunch itself

 I saw Jafar walking around for the first time, after this photo he promptly starting chasing some kids away haha!

Ok, I was going to write about going to the Hotel MiraCoasta and Fantasmic (which was new at DisneySea) but this post was getting so big! I personally find blog posts with TOO many pictures hard to consume, I hope you won't mind a two parter haha! I promise part two is worth it! And there's still my trip to Disney World last October to cover haha, thanks for looking!
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