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Good evening everyone! Oh I guess I finally got some motivation to do what I ought to and edited the photos I took at the end of last week. All the rest of the photos from 2011? Well we aren't talking about that anymore haha! Right now I am waiting for the after work gym crowd to clear out, and I figured if I put off blogging till after exercising I'd just not do it.

Lately I have gotten into some new "hobbies". I put hobbies in quotes because I'm not sure if that's really the best term. Perhaps philosophies is closer but carries a lot of weight. So anyway I'm really into DIY, second hand items and remaking.

I have a serious case of consumerism (don't we all? I mean afterall mass media designs everything to make us feel like consuming is an urgent need we have to "fix" constantly). Between a combination of reasons/thoughts I've decided to buy less, buy higher quality, buy used items and remake things I don't love into something new and beautiful! Here's some of the items I've finished so far:


1. The ingredients 2. Laying out the pom pom sequence 3. Sewing on the pom poms 4. Finished product

These are something I saw in Harper's Bazaar, but I did mine a bit different so that they can be worn with any type of shoe (HB did there's to be attached to shoes with ankle straps already). They were a bit time consuming as I had to attach each pom pom individually to maintain the stretch of the elastic, but I like how whimsical they are. My friend said they are ugly, but we all can't appreciate the beautiful things in life haha!


I had this necklace laying around for a couple years, I bought it in a lucky bag at 3COINS and I never liked it. But I kept thinking "Maybe this necklace will be useful someday". And so it is now that I have spray painted it with neon orange. The color is matte and seriously traffic cone, but it will be a nice way to spice up an outfit every 3-4 years when neons come in and out.


1. Black rose earrings 2. Pearl clip-ons 3. Come together to be beautiful!

Here's another very simple way to bring new life to those cheap/boring accessories you have. The black roses were sale items from Claire's and I got the pearl ones in Japan for Y90. I simply took off the clip from the pearl earrings then hot glued them to the black of the roses. I might actually wear these now XD Just goes to show you shouldn't throw out jewelry you don't wear or like, just change it around into something more you!


Basically you can take any dyeable article and make it look fresh/unique with this spray dye. This floppy sun hat was never really my style, it's so boho or resort or ethnic. Though the blue color def makes it more special and more me I still wonder if I will wear it haha! Since I took this photo I removed the twine ribbon and evened out the dyeing.

I have several more remakes to show, and I planned to show them all at once but this post got really full. I guess it's kinda lucky as I have another post ready to go now haha XD I also bought some nice retro and used Levi jeans at the thrift store, so look forward to some damaged denim!
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