2000 Collectable Toys - All of your childhood in Tokyo!

Hello and good evening everyone. I didn't stick to blogging again, but it's different this time because I purposefully chose not to! Not that's so great to admit, but it's better than being too depressed or completely apathetic. To be completely honest, I think my blog has become irrelevant. As I never had a growth plan for MLD it's basically hit the wall. If I want this blog to keep growing, I'll have to figure out an over haul plan.

Anyhow, I didn't want to post this travel writeup today but I don't have any other photos edited so 2000 Collectable Toys it is!

 The store front already has so much to look at!

2000 Collectable Toys is what you may guess it is - a toy shop! But it's not just a toy shop, it sells only western vintage toys. So it is a specialty store in the purest definition, it must take a lot of passion to try and procure vintage and retro toys from overseas then rent a storefront to sell them! And I'm sure those who collect vintage American toys in Tokyo love it XD

Located in  Koenji, it is a about a 5 minute walk directly from the station. It's a straight shot so it's not hard to miss, but it seemed like such a long walk to me haha! Koenji has a large population of young residents, and is known for it's used clothing and record shops. It's a great area to visit for used items (not just toys haha!)

Of course, as you can imagine rare (in Japan) items like these toys come with a price tag to match, but if you are a true collector you are going to be happy every time you visit 2000 Collectable Toys. Although the cost of these toys is much lower in the west, shipping them to Japan would be a bit costly so it evens out haha.

I personally am interested in girls' toys from the 80s and 90s, so that's the section I gravitated around. Indeed I became aware of this shop through the MLP Arena. But they have toys from the 60s through the 90s for boys and girls. All the major characters and lines as you would imagine, whatever toys you had during your childhood you'll find them here.

2000 Collectable Toys is off the beaten path in Tokyo, and as such I imagine those who would be interested in checking it out would be people living in Tokyo or having an long term travel. I am sure everyone from the west can have a little trip down memory lane at 2000Collectable Toys and it can help vintage toy collectors in withdrawal during their stay in Tokyo.

Or if you love thrifting some clothes, why not stop by 2000 Collectable Toys just for a fun break haha. A day trip to Koenji is perfect for those looking for something new to do in Tokyo. Make sure to check 2000 Collectable Toy's directions page, and if you want to see some better pics check out this great blog post.
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