Gift, Gets! and Travel Plans

Good day everyone! Wow I really did not get to blog as I wanted last week at all, luckily it wasn't due to pure apathy now. After we got back from Duluth, there was a lot to catch up on, my dad had to come over and then a shopping marathon weekend. Well the shopping allowed me to do this post today so I can't complain *_~

First I want to show the gift I received last week from a very good and sweet friend. It was through this blog and my journey that I was able to become friends with Mark Taihei. He is a working artist and accomplished in all the creative things I always wished I could be haha. Besides all his great digital art, he also creates in physical mediums and sent me some functional art:

A wallet made of duck tape! Yes it's fashion, and fun. But what really stood out was just the amount of details on it, the design is all tape and the inside too but it's completely usable. I hope Mark knows how happy I am to receive this! And I hope everyone will take a moment to check his blog out^^

Moving on to some other things I got this past week, I want to show what I picked up during my mom and I's shopping trips on the weekend. We mostly went to fashion and accessory shops but we also got something important for an upcoming trip (which I will flesh out at the end of this post!)

1. silver clutch 2. yellow skinny jeans 3. retro sunglasses 4. earrings 5. monotone top (all H&M)

1. Allen B shorts 2. NYX eyeshadows 3. Bisou Bisou turn-over top 4. H&M belts 5. Target bag

I got a lot of stuff at H&M, but as it's one of my favorite western chain brands I could have gone more nuts DX I was rather happy to be able to find many items I wanted, and some cute unexpected items that will work well with my style (like the patterned shorts). There's not much to say about gets, imo, but I feel I am finally getting my taste back, last spring-summer was so bad!

Oh! But Ena Matsumoto (Emoda) got the same earrings from the first pic, so that was exciting...

And now, TRAVEL PLANS! It's been quite a while since I've traveled, well a long time for me atleast. But now I have three trips planned for this year, yay. Some are solid and some are still up in the air, however just the thought of getting out is liberating and refreshing. So here's the plan:

July = New England (New Hampshire, Maine, Mass.)
September - October = Tokyo
October = Disneyworld

Well, and we bought some stuff for the Disneyworld trip. You liked my Sleeping Beauty, so please look forward to what's coming next haha!

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