Banner and layout updated!

Hello there friends, remember me? This past week I have been so busy but I caught a cold from my friend and am sick today so I've slowed down/making time to do somethings like blog, edit photos etc. I can't think very clearly right now though, my brains a bit fuzzy with illness. Hopefully I can pick myself up and muscle through it like an adult, so I can get all the stuff I need to do before I travel done.

Well something I should have done for a long while was completed today - I updated my banner and layout XD I wanted to do something that reflects my current tastes but still is simple. I prefer simple blog layouts, no flashing pictures, lots of graphics/sozai etc because I think it's better to keep the attention on the post contents.

So I just did a banner that's a little joky, but I might try to take another photo for it because I don't think this one is as out there as it could be. I mean my expression looks intrigued, when it could looked surprised or shocked haha! I like the colors though, I'm SO into purple right now and the pink brightens it up. I used bats in the background because I'm also getting to be a bat nerd atm.

I got the bat from! Which is where I usually go for sozai.

Bit by bit I will work on the sidebar and headings to make them more attractive, re-do the graphics etc. Since I'm sick the creativity ain't there, but overall I am satisfied by this layout look.

Later today I will try to get a new circle lens review up. And I have some posts planned out before I head to Tokyo including: My recent crafts and DIY, what I'm bringing to Japan and maybe something like coordinates, One 7 Ways to get back to my roots haha! Anyhow, thanks for looking!

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