Things I'd like to buy before I leave

If I had money that is! I've been getting the miscellaneous I have to do before I go back to Tokyo done today, though of course there's still so much to do, doing so took up most of today and I ended up not feeling like editing photos of myself (for a lens review). Something about looking at my own face is so tiring haha! Does anyone else feel that way? XD

One of the things I've been working on before this upcoming Japan Trip is putting together a decent wardrobe that I can be seen in and feel confident wearing. Slowly I've been returning to a more dark and whimsical style (versus the elegant and mode styles I was into this time last year). I guess I can't deny my roots, I've been into darker/rock-ish styles since I was a young teen.

Considering the exchange rate and my body type, I have been looking at American clothing most lately. I'm heading towards being accepting of my "atheletic" body type, and accepting Japanese brands aren't going to accommodate me easily. Heck even American L size shirts sleeves are too short on me XD

So I have hunted down some cool items that would look great in my wardrobe, are dark cool but not OTT, and I won't have to lose .20 on every dollar to get them haha!

 Black booties and Bat print tights


And besides clothing, I am also into wigs. Boy they sure are convenient for people with thin and difficult to style hair like me! And I can change my hair color all the time without all the damage. Right now I am looking at the dark purple and silver wigs below.

 Well there was a big old dump of consumerism! It makes the world go round doesn't it?? I obviously won't/can't get all of this, I just wanted to show everything that has caught my eye lately. It looks like I have gone back to my old wily ways doesn't it XDD But I promise, I won't be as over the top obnoxious as I was before haha. Check out my Tumblr if you want to see the type of coordinates I like recently!

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