Tokyo haul so far & Big News~!!

Hello again friends! Yay I am here to give you a new post that's not a review, but you should expect more of those soon haha. It was requested that I show what I have bought so far in Tokyo, and I figured now is the best time to do so XD I have a very small amount of money for this trip, as such I am guarding it closely until the last week when there's no more time to use it haha.

I remember all my 8 Japan Trips before this one and how much money I had those times, and how much I totally wasted and it makes me cry a bit. You can't go back in time to change things, but atleast I know how to control my money better now (that it's desperately low...). But there's something satisfying about working hard finding the best way to spend your money and budgeting.

Well, here is what I have bought since September 11 (my arrival day) until now, already half a month passed! T___T

I've spent I guess 1,500Y for UFO catchers I guess, though I said I wouldn't spend any (whoops, I'm an addict) When I play it's either get nothing or get it on the first try like this winnings!

The magazines I've gotten with their freebies, funny I went back to Zipper which I read before I went to gyaru. I also got Kera but it's not pictured

Eyeball ring from Paris Kid's

Peace now cutsew

Peace Now knit onepiece
This is my big purchase of this trip, it was hard to spend so much at once DDX

Peace Now graphic Tshirt (love those characters too much) This is actually a grey graphic but it looks white for some reason haha

Algonquins long sleeve graphic T

 Hellcat Punks cardigan

As you can see I've basically been hitting up Japanese punk brands. My style at the moment can not be described by one word but I would mainly call it Girly Rock with a bit of Guro-kawa (creepy cute) and Japanese punk. I'm focusing on my colors to be black, white, purple and a little pink and green. It's a lot of black and white, can't help how much I love monotone!

I'm planning to get another sweater, a necklace, and cardigan for sure hopefully. Then depending on how my money goes some tattoo tights, a bag, jewelry, eyelashes, blush, etc until I run out. Plus gifts for my parents, but that's a separate fund XD I'll show that haul before I head home.

Anyway, now for the...

As some may know tomorrow, October 1st, is my birthday (again). And I will be celebrating in the Tokyo Disney Resort! I will of course post seperately all about what happens and the excitement. But infact that is not the big news. What can be more exciting than a Disney trip on my birthday?? Well how about....

=*= A trip to Okinawa for my birthday! =*=

Yeah! For the second part of my birthday celebration me and my friend are going down to the main island of Okinawa for 4 days. I am really excited for several reasons, one it's been years since I have traveled outside of Tokyo in Japan, two I have never flew within Japan before and three because I have never been to Okinawa naturally! I can't wait to take a ton of photos there and introduce some new travel sites!
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