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I have been trying to think of a more snappy title for this post, but as I can't come up with anything that's fun and captures the wonder of this year's birthday I decided to just get to the point XD I've been busy since yesterday morning, today was going to be a rest but I ended up going out a little bit, but I want to post about my birthday while it's still timely!

This is the first year in many years that I have done something besides have a small home party with my mom to celebrate my birthday. I really have never had big birthday celebrations, I can recall just a few large parties (and probably not large in others' opinions haha) So to spend my birthday in another country and go to the theme park as well was really amazing!

My birthday "cake"  - a mont blanc tart

Looks beautiful lit up!

Since my friend was taking me to Tokyo Disney, we had to get up early and get going. So we had my birthday cake for breakfast haha! I picked out this mont blanc tart from the super market because it was only one of two properly sized desserts at the super market, no need for a larger cake between two people. And I really like mont blanc anyhow.

Then I quickly opened my gifts from my friend! He got me some items from Listen Flavor, which I picked out earlier. And Listen Flavor included alot of freebies, it's like they knew it was my birthday haha. My mom also very kindly sent me a care package from home filled with snacks, decorations, and a card. It was really nice of her to go out of her way, especially since I will be home in 2 weeks.

A shirt and monster badge from Listen Flavor, as well as a folder, stickers and postcard

All the stuff my mom sent me! 

So we rushed to the bus stop (luckily where we live there is a direct bus to Tokyo Disney!) and to our dismay found a totally packed bus. Oh my gosh I can't even say how disappointing that was T_T Kids had the day off of school or something, the parks ended up being as swamped as the weekend!! So we decided to go to DisneySea where the crowds were slightly less thick.

Another great thing about going to Tokyo Disney now is they have all their Halloween decorations out and their shows going on. I couldn't wear my Sleeping Beauty costume sadly, but it was really fun to experience a holiday theme. DisneySea has a more around the world sort of approach to the Halloween decorations.

I got to wear this sticker so all the cast members would wish me Happy Birthday

The entry way is decorated with candles, pumpkins and fall foliage

Special banners with Mickey in his mask

Part of DisneySea's halloween theme was a venetian masquerade 

The main Halloween show is called "A Halloween Daydream" and features characters, dancers, original music, dancing and skeletons

Because I've been to DisneySea so many times and taken tons of photographs there, I decided to focus mainly on getting pictures of the Halloween things and new stuff like the Toy Story Mania ride! We only went on a couple rides, since the crowds were big the waits were too long. So we just ran around from show to show haha, there's enough shows at DisneySea to fill up the whole day.

Around the Lost River Delta area they decorated with a Dia de los Muertos theme and had a mini parade with Chip n Dale and Clarice. It was really cute, and nice to include other cultures' celebrations in with Halloween. Plus it fit the area well. I really liked all the Halloween stuff, though I hope the parade and shows get larger! In the end they canceled the fireworks again, which was another disappointment but the day was great anyway!

I've already included a lot of images in this post, I don't want it too get too heavy but I have so many more photos! If you feel like seeing the rest from my Birthday Trip to DisneySea please check out my Japan Trip 9 album.

And also thank you to the hundreds of people who wished me a happy birthday here, on facebook and twitter! It was really nice to receive so many kind messages and that so many people still remember me! Thank you to my friend for taking me to Disney, getting me a cake and gifts! Thank you to my mom for sending me things all the way from the US!
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