Coordinate Collection #2 (9-22 to 10-09-2012) and a Big Thanks!

Hey there again! Finally I am checking back in after my side trip to Okinawa! Yaaaay I went to Okinawa, I talked a bit about it on FB and Twitter but I wish I could convey how exciting it was for me. It's been quite some time since I have gotten out of Tokyo and saw other parts of Japan. Especially exciting since Okinawa is far, and was it's own country until Japan seized it.

I'm looking forward to blogging about Okinawa soon (gotta edit alot of pics first tho XP most hated part of blogging!) It was a great birthday celebration for me, I can't imagine what can be better than going to Okinawa for my birthday?

Well today I thought I would show the few acceptable coordinates I've worn recently. Actually I've been being very "touristy" with my clothing this trip, and it's quite nice in a way. Comfy sneakers, less staring, no blisters etc. So my point is, not many good outfits XD

09-22-2012 coordinate
Ribbons: handmade // Shirt: Jason Wu x Target // Skirt: Alloy

09-24-2012 coordinate
Headband: handmade // Shirt: Forever21 // Dress: Candie's

09-27-2012 coordinate
Tops: thrifted // Skirt: Alloy // Necklace & headband: handmade

10-09-2012 coordinate
Shirt: borrowed // Skirt: handmade // Necklace: Candie's 
So I quite like the first two, and the last two are more like high level casual outfits haha. I am 100% planning to do better outfits when I get back to the US. I just hate walking around tourist areas for hours in my wigs and nice clothes, like the day when I wore the pink wig I got caught in the rain and the wig became a bit messed up T_____T
But yeah, I'm going home in less than a week now (oh my god, I'm so sad, I want to stay longer!!) so I will do some great coordinates very soon. Since this is a coordinate post, I felt it's a good segue to thank someone who did something very sweet for me!! Recently I found this on Gyaru Valentines:
It really means alot to me Anon-tan, really I hope you know that! I don't check those gyaru communities often but I just had some feeling to and then I see these nice words and my face, I was so surprised!! My current style is more of mix than just fitting into gyaru specifically, but I will be trying harder and harder to make good looks #^^# 
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