Leaving Tokyo Today OR, Crying Forever

Hey friends~!! Firstly thanks to all the kind people who commented on my last post, Coordinate Collection 2, there were some really touching comments on there and I will be making replies soon. When I get back to the US... Yes that's right, it's already time for me to go back to my home country again T___T I don't know about you, but that was the fastest month and half week ever in my life!

I always get upset/depressed when I have to leave Japan (except last summer, dang, I couldn't get away from Japan fast enough because of the humidity) and this time is especially bad I think. Because I've had such a great trip!

 Flowering trees in my neighborhood

There weren't many new places to see in Tokyo but I did see some, and go to my favorite places over and over again, as well as going to Okinawa. My friend has been so wonderful to me, the weather got really comfortable and I budgeted my money almost very well!

Can never have enough snacks right? I love you conbini~!

My dream for this 9th trip to Japan was for it to change my depression and re-invigorate my fashion identity, and luckily that dream came true. I feel much more positive about myself and life, I know what I want to wear again (going back to my darker fashion roots) and I don't feel like just "giving up" as I did earlier this year. So that's a big part of why I'm more sad to leave than usual.

I plan to move here for atleast a year now, starting after the New Year, it thankfully gives me something to look forward to. After I graduated University last December I had no plans or goals, it made me so hopeless, now I can work towards something again. I want to stay here, see my friend everyday and express my fashion sense.

Nerdy UFO catchers in the next town, Funabori

I only did purikura twice :/

Since I will miss my friend and living here so much, rather than writing out all the things I'm leaving behind in Japan (including my many Alpaca haha) I will just look forward to the nice things I can do in Minnesota like organize my wardrobe till it's awesome, celebrate the upcoming holidays and save money!

Well I'll be heading back through time soon, see you on Monday, again XD
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