Back from Tokyo and the rest of my HAUL pic hvy

Hey there everyone, I made it back safely from Tokyo and mostly fine though American Airlines did try their best to ruin my sleep schedule and spirit. My second flight ended up being delayed (as many of their flights are lately) and it caused me to miss my connection in Dallas and I was bumped to the next flight which was at 9pm. The gate agents were quite rude and told me in not so few words that I should just be thankful I got another flight (and indeed many people did not get a new flight placement after missing their connections, I overhead).

So I left the apartment at 12:05 noon on October 15 in Japan and did not arrive home until midnight on October 15 in Minnesota. Which means I was traveling for about 24 hours. By the end of it I was just partially numb and running pure desire to be home. I slept a few hours here and there, if not I may have gone loopy!!

I wish I could say I will never fly American Airlines (Japan Airlines has been my favorite/best experience so far) and that I will never take so many layovers again, but when plane tickets are so high nowadays there's not much I can do about it.

Well perhaps some of you can commiserate with your own airport/flight horror stories, I know it gets much worse than I had! But let's turn to something more fun - SHOPPING! Haha, it's an awful way to add fuel to the ultra-capitalistic machine that ruins growing and established economies alike, but it's too satisfying to make something yours so easily :/ 

I showed some of the things I'd bought in Japan earlier in this post, so now here is the rest!
Sorry it's so many pics, I don't feel like breaking it up XD

Hellcat Punks eyeball and bats pattern shorts

Super Lover's super oversized cardi - it's even huge on me, what would it look like on the average Japanese girl DX

Two Alpaca I won each on the 1st try. The staff guy was like "Is purple your favorite color" and I was like "Obviously!" (Actually I just said yes and grinned like a dork XD)

I picked out some big lashes for looking great in photos, hope they suit me^^

3p for 1050yen Tutuanna socks, it was hard to pick just three!

 A Glavil cross necklace, since I don't have any tutuHA crosses left. This time I picked a nice neutral color!

Found this necklace at Paris Kid's, loved the color and the word was not too girly/cute so I snatched it up. It broke on the way home... Let me tell you cheap things aren't always worth it :/

A spike necklace from Claire's to wear with collar shirts

An eyeball purse/passcase that Amihamu carries often, it doesn't have a brand but several random accessories shops and Listen Flavor carry them

A tare tare pattern tote bag from Claire's

Magazine back issues

Vertical stripe stockings and tights, 3p for 1050yen

A glittery lip purse from BurlesQ on Takeshita-dori. I'd have liked a bigger one, but I didn't like the one at MarpleQ so this one I took home!

Monomania Tare Tare pattern socks, I wish I got more colors XD

Black wool beret from Spinns

A Listen Flavor graphic Tshirt with a creepy graphic

Bloody like dripping badge

Hellcat Punks jacket with graphics

2 Canmake cream blushes, so excited I found the red one!!

I talked myself out of getting the Glavil Devil Wing Belt by getting this waist cincher at Spinns

And some earrings I plan to make a necklace of

It's rather alot I suppose considering my limited budget, but I think I could have been even more sensible about my purchases. No I know I could have, and I have a couple regrets. But overall I think I picked out a lot of nice things that work well together haha.
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