Christmas decorations, new job and updates

Hello friends, I never meant to let 10 days pass between my posts but somehow I did all the same. The days went so quickly this month, and I have been feeling bad most of them. With little to say, and not much to show I found it rather easy to keep saying "Tomorrow, tomorrow I will blog." I've been caught up reading the A Song of Fire and Ice series, which keeps me off the internet and I've found that to be nice too.

A lot has happened this month, it's strange to think it's only been a month and some odd days since I returned from Japan with so many things going on. Gaining 14lb (in 3 weeks no less), getting a part time job, quitting that job and getting another. And this time it's a proper job, the first professional entry level job I've had in some time, I am now a weight loss counselor!

Since it's a full time day job, I'm not sure how much time it will leave me for blogging. It may be I'm just as bad at posting, or perhaps being away from the house and doing more will help me slim down again and feel more confident. When I feel better about myself blogging is easier I find. Either way time will tell how this job works out for me, but I can purchase Christmas gifts easily this year XD

Speaking of Christmas, me and my mom got our decorations put up on Sunday, a bit later than usual (which is the day after Thanksgiving for usual). I love love love Christmas, it's in my blood and I can't deny it. I wish it was more magical and less drudging obligation as it used to be in my youth, but Christmas decorations are the most beautiful things!

Wreath, candles and tings with garland about the doorways

Put together an impromptu decoration with blue tings, bulbs, and a spare vase

 Some tinsel and decorations in the kitchen too!

And the main piece - the tree! Surrounded by decorated fireplace and TV stand

We plan to put up some more decorations this weekend since it looks sparse in some areas, and just looking at these photos I can think of some more things I'd like to put up. My mom re-did the livingroom this year with new floors, furniture and arrangement so it suits having a tree much better haha.

You many also notice I decorated this blog in a new way, haha, that is to say I made a new layout again! Perhaps I should have made a Christmas layout... (well I still could XD) But the old one was too dark for me now and I just wanted to make something a little more interesting, still gotta change the welcome graphic tho.
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