Shinjuku Marui One - for Lolita, hime gyaru and punk!

Good day my friends! I'm glad I finally have a chance to blog again now, I mean I always have time I just finally took ahold of my schedule and managed it haha. I have started a new part time job to make some Christmas gift money, so it might get tight. I'm going to try and lose the weight I've gained since I got back from Japan (I can't believe it's only been a month, it feels sooo much longer T_T) and blog and work. Basically keep busy!

Well since my style has been changing, I have been paying more attention to Harajuku styles and reading Kera magazine. I was actually interested in lolita before I got unto gyaru, but I've never done the style. Personally I am glad to bring many styles into my closet/inspiration. Because of my expanded fashion taste, I decided to check out Shinjuku Marui One!

Shinjuku Marui One on the right

A shop they only sells lolita style shoes!

A display of Putumayo's clothes

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Shinjuku Marui One is well known in lolita communities as one of the important shopping stops during a trip to Tokyo. Besides lolita brands, Marui One is home to punk, gothic, hime gyaru and modern kimono brands. If you have a taste for any type of Harajuku sub-style you have to add this shopping mall to your to-do list haha.


Although I don't actually wear most of these styles, I find some of the punk brand eye catching, brands like Peace Now and the brands in the Kera Shop on the top floor. For me I just enjoying seeing these beautiful and unique clothing up close, and seeing the totally done-up shop staff. But I also really get the "outsider" feeling in Shinjuku Marui One, so I can't stay too long.

Some of the brands that are of interest including Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, La Parfait, Jesus Diamante, Milk, H.Naoto, Emily Temple Cute, Black Peace Now, and they even have a Prisilia wig shop so you can finish off your look with a fabulous wig or hair piece!

La Parfiat

If you like wearing Harajuku styles, or simply enjoy them for their beauty this is a shopping mall you need to stop by. Since it's Shinjuku you can easily stop there for a little bit while you're off checking out the other many tourist sites. You just need to take Exit A1 in the Shinjuku San-Chome Station and one you get out on the street you can't miss it!
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