* Sponsor Review * Fynale J01 Honoo gray Circle Lens

Good evening again! Slowly but surely I am getting caught up on the reviews I'm behind on, so I feel a bit accomplished, still alot to do though! One thing I want to mention before the review commences is that Shoppingholics.com has become LoveShoppingholics.com! They still have the easy to navigate layout, and huge assortment of products but now have a cute new URL. Make sure to update your bookmarks!

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 55%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

I have reviewed the blue and green version of these lenses previously, so I knew what to expect in regards to fit and comfort. Furthermore I know that grey lenses always suit my eye color very well so I had high expectations for these lenses. And I am pleased to say these didn't disappoint me in anyway.



The color of this gray is a true gray, on the darker end of the gray spectrum I would say. The pattern with the black elements make it a bold looking lens, which would likely blend just as well on dark colored eyes as it does on my light eyes. I think the color and design is a nice balance of natural and unnatural. I like that they can be worn during the day but still have a strong look.

On that note, these also enlarge very well. They are 15mm and the black outer ring creates a very large and dolly eye. I do appreciate that the black outer ring is not solid or very thick. It has a pattern that extends out into the gray part of the lens and makes it appear more natural. There is some black patterns around the inside as well to blend nicely with darker eyes.

Unlike the green version of these lenses, I didn't really experience any lens wandering. Perhaps I didn't check enough, but they seemed to look fine on the photos so I think they stayed in place well haha. They were very easy to put in my eyes. In short, very easy to wear haha XD

They are also very comfortable, they have a higher water content than many other circle lenses and you can certainly tell that when wearing them. They don't itch or dry out in my experience. But I would still recommend you have your eye drops with you because it's good for your eye health. But I am able to wear these for a very long time even without re-wetting.

Quick Review:
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Color: ★★★★★

I wanted to use this wig for the review, but it doesn't agree with flash haha! I cut a fringe into it and it looks better now atleast, so I'll try using it again soon^^

I want to state once more how completely satisfied and how much I enjoy transactions with LoveShoppingholics.com! Their service is top-notch, above and beyond, they try really hard to consider the tastes of their customers and it shows. Take a look around Shoppingholics.com for these lenses, hundreds more and all the greatest beauty products!

Please check out LoveShoppingholics.com! I would never shop anywhere else XD
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