Coordinate post! Last week of May outfits

Hi! Good evening everyone! I just feel like there's no time besides work time haha, it's already almost 21:00 how did that happen? Well today will be a coordinate post, maybe that's the best way to end the day? Haha! Last week was quite difficult for making outfits, it was just raining constantly, so there's no where to go and the lighting was terrible :D I had some ideas in my head tho that I wan't to make come true so I just went ahead and did 2 outfits.

top & shoes: ASOS
bustier & skirt: F21
I really like this outfit for the layering, the bustier is a dark wash denim and the skirt is black, the photo doesn't show the difference between them well haha. But these shoes I think really make it fun, tho the shoes themselves were a hassle! I order a size 10 cause that's what I wear but when they arrived they were super tight. Only then did I look at ASOS's size chart and realize the sizing is off, so I had to order a new pair but I feel they were worth it haha.

top: H&M
skirt: Handmade
socks & shoes: ASOS
This second outfit is really cute somehow I feel, even though it's so simple and is in need of another layer or article of clothing. My mom made this skirt for me and it's really nice, hand making clothing is convinient for me in the regard that I can control the measurements. Often if clothing fits me in one direction, it's too small/large in the other. I need to re-learn how to put a zipper in though so I don't have to bug her to make things for me haha!

Overall I like these outfits, but the main issue is my lack of accessories! I don't have more than a handful of jewelry that suits my current taste/these outfits. You might notice I used a ribbon as a bracelet in the second outfit just because I didn't have anything else to wear that I liked. But I don't know where to buy cute jewelry that also is decent quality. What are your favorite places to buy accessories?

Also I need to work on my photos badly :( In regards to backgrounds some place outdoors would work much better than my house, but I don't really have anyone to take my photos. Oh these are terrible haha. Well it's something I will try and figure out soon :) Here's a picture of my face as a bonus :P

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