Character Street cute pic spam!

Hi there and good evening! How was everyone's weekend? Mine went so quickly and I didn't have enough time to get everything done that I wanted to do, but when I look back I don't know what I spent all my time on haha! I did get a chance to take outfit picture though, and I'm really happy that they turned out, I think they will be a great improvement for my blog. I didn't get around to editing Japan photos this weekend however so I had to quickly do some now after work! I really need to work on my time management it appears so I can get everything done to make good posts for you!

I've written about Character Street in the past here, so I figured why not just get to the good stuff and post a bunch of pictures to enjoy. I love characters and cute things so much so a place like this is heaven for me, tons of kawaii goods all in one spot. Or maybe it's too much cause I want to buy everything :D

Precure Shop

Studio Ghibli gifts!
This Nameko character was pretty new around this time and quite popular

Coming up next will be a lens review and outfit post. I'll make sure to have them prepared better so I can pass along some good info on the lenses. I'm also thinking about the things I need to make better posts, like a lighting setup and a video camera. I'm shy about being on film (though I've already been on Japanese TV haha) and feel like I wouldn't have much of interest to say. But it might be nice to answer some questions, do hauls and reviews and maybe even outfit videos! What would you like to see??
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