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Hello there everyone! I'm not posting very regularly, but I am glad to at least be blogging every week. I'm still not comfortable with living in my apartment, nothing is really how I would like it and it leaves me feeling like doing nothing. I'm going to have to be a lot more motivated to get up and do stuff even though it's really difficult! Well today I am finally getting around to a review I had been needing to write for a long time, so I am pretty proud I finally got around to it. My makeup style is getting a bit more soft, so I wanted to try new eyelashes that would go with a "natural" soft girly style. When BornPretty approached me to write some reviews for their products, I decided to review these eyelashes!

I was initially attracted to these lashes because of their design, they have nice natural looking fibers - no points or clumps, just a fan shape of regular sized fibers. As well there are thicker/longer fibers at the outer corner which is complementary to many eye shapes, including my own. The design of these lashes lends itself well to a variety of looks, it will go well with a natural look, a cat eye, tear bags etc. I would certainly recommend this type of design for people starting out with false eyelashes as they'll be easy to incorporate into your makeup routine.

The lashes themselves are very flexible and pliable, this makes it a lot easier to apply and wear. They are not the most flexible lashes I've used, so you'll want to gently bend them a bit to soften up, but they will shape to your eyelid easily and not poke you. The fibers are thick and soft to the touch, however they are longer than I imagined from the stock photos. They are described as "long" on Born Pretty's website and I would take that description to heart. The #L-9 are some of the longest eyelashes I've used, but with the natural design of them, I don't feel like they are too over the top.

no flash
with flash

One thing I did notice was these lashes are a bit shiny. In real life it's only a slight shine, and it's not noticeable in photos, however when using flash you can see a obvious shine. These would not be good lashes to use during a photo shoot, or video recording under flash/heavy lighting. Otherwise for a normal day to day wear these are very wearable. And for the price you certainly can't beat the quality. You receive 5 pairs of eyelashes for 5.99. You will find them to be a bit lower quality than say Diamond Lash, but they are certainly great quality for the price.

Born Pretty has a ton of eyelashes to choose from, full band, half band, upper, lower, party styles etc, as well as all the tools you'll need to apply them. Born Pretty is a huge emporium of cosmetics and certainly have whatever you're looking for. The quality is about/above drug store quality while being lower cost. I have enjoyed prompt costumer service and decent shipping times with Born Pretty.
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